wallcoverings for the ultimate in refinement
wallcoverings for the ultimate in refinement

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 Les Thermes depicts the rich history of Greco-Roman antiquity, in which sculpture and architecture both play an important role. The well-known bathing culture also has a prominent presence. This is reflected in aspects such as luxurious mosaics, traditional techniques and an impression of a hand-painted scene of Roman thermal baths. This opulent collection provides a taste of the grandeur of days long gone.

The Tuscan village of Saturnia has been known for its hot springs since Roman times. This peaceful scene illustrates people bathing in the springs. As well as providing relief, the underlying fil-à-fil  technique with silver and gold foil creates a unique sheen in the water. It's a genuine statement piece!

Stucco makes a playful reference to the decorative plaster used during Greco-Roman antiquity. It is an abstraction of textile and the tone-on-tone colour palette ensures a serene but weathered look.

Large mosaics with a metallic accent catch the eye in this weathered block pattern, creating an incomparable graphic effect. Mosaics have adorned the walls and floors of countless squares, palazzos and historic buildings for centuries. This is a characterful wallcovering with plenty of history!

Tessera draws its inspiration from the small squares made of stone, ceramic, terracotta or glass that are used to make mosaic floors or decorative jewellery. This pattern has a highly luxurious feel thanks to the shiny look in the metallic shades of silver, gold, bronze and rose.

This textile wallcovering has a weathered but still warm look thanks to the luxurious bouclé fabric. The horizontally woven multicolour threads lend depth and relief to the pattern. The visible metal threads ensure a subtle sheen.